Trying to become the Administrator

Trying to become the Administrator


I am trying to be the administrator, but in list of admins it states “there are no administrators” and there is no option to add one?


The program does not come with pre-set administrators, leaving the ability for users to define their own administrator details and password. I have attached the instructions on setting up an administrator and users but in brief: 

The first person that enters their name into the program will be offered the opportunity to become the administrator.:

At the sign in box enter the name to become administrator; e.g. Dad, Gordon, Admin then press OK
Sign in box
  • You will be asked if you should become administrator; say yes

    Administrator window
    You will be prompted for a password; this can be letters, numbers or a mix. Enter a password then press OK. The name is not case sensitive but passwords are
    You will be prompted for a password hint. Enter a hint or click cancel if you do not wish to add one
    You will be taken into the program

    Other users can be added into the program by choosing the ‘Admin’ option on the top menu bar then ‘Add and manage students and staff’. 

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