Why does the Spelling Test only use some of the words in the list?

Why does the Spelling Test only use some of the words in the list?

When our children do the Spelling Test sections they sometimes only have 5 spellings for their test. Any ideas why this happens? 

Generally, on “own word lists”,  words will only appear in the spelling test if they have a picture associated with them. 

For a short list of up to 5 words, with just 3 having pictures, the spelling test would comprise of just these 3 words. If one mistake were made, you would score 2  (out of 3) and the error would be shown.  If you got all 3 shown, you would be given a score of 5 (no errors being flagged). i.e. a “bonus” for being 100% correct.

For a longer list of up to 10 words, again just the words with pictures would be given in the spelling test, so a list of 9 words, only 7 with pictures, would give a spelling test out of 7.

It is therefore very helpful if each word in an “own word list” can have a picture associated with it, though I appreciate this is not always appropriate.

For our own word lists, these will normally be fewer than 10 words (usually 7-9).  A score of 6, with 2 words in red, means a score of 6 out of 8 (2 errors)

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