Wordshark 5 Changes Since V4

Wordshark 5 Changes Since V4

New Courses include:

  1. National curriculum 2014 England KS1 & 2 spelling
  2. A structured Support to match the new curriculum in easily followed units of work
A structured Wordshark spelling course
  1. Ideal for working through sequentially
  2. Longer words introduced quickly once a spelling pattern is learnt & a later section on word building
  3. Revision lists throughout
  4. A challenge section at the end for able spellers
  5. Guidance on where to start
High frequency words
  1. Arranged in order of frequency & of complexity
Everyday vocabulary
  1. Simple and more complex sentences to model use of language with pictures to support the vocabulary used
Alphabet and dictionary
  1. Single letter sounds and names
  2. Alphabetic ordering of letters and words

New administrative features include:

  1. Simple, fast sign on
  2. Easy switch between games and word lists
  3. Adding images to your own lists
  4. Adding definitions or translations to your lists
  5. Recommended games for all word lists in all courses
  6. Ability to import/export and share your own lists
  7. New screens for easy student management
  8. Tracking students’ progress –using a baseline and re-test
  9. Exporting of records to an Excel format
  10. Ways to bulk add/delete students

Click to download the complete document on Wordshark 5 New Features (pdf)

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