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            FOR SCHOOLS – subject vocab, EAL, co-operative play

            Vocabulary work (EAL, Modern Languages, Subject Words)

            English as an Additional Language: 
            The Everyday vocabulary ‘course’ is useful. The best games include, Simple crossword which practises very simple sentences, Build sentence (from spoken) which helps with word order and Crossword 1 with illustrations which cleverly support the sentence vocabulary whilst not giving away the target word. The Co-operative play setting is especially useful, as children can be encouraged to discuss their responses.

            Modern languages:
            To add your own lists in another language, click on the keyboard sign. If the language you need is not there, you can create your own keypad under Admin\Advanced features\Add/change on-screen keypad to create new symbols. Remember to switch on the keypad when needed in games, under Settings (name). The facility to create a Translations List may also be useful (see later under ‘Teacher Tips’).

            Subject words:
            The Secondary subject lists‘course’ is useful for learning subject vocabulary in secondary school, over a wide range of subjects. The Crossword 1 and Save the sharks games practise the words in context. In addition to existing lists, your own vocabulary can be put in under Actions\add your own lists. You can also make use of Description lists and Translation lists.

            Co-operative play:
            Two students can play collaboratively together. One child signs on, then signs on a second via Users/Sign on another user and then selects Users\ Share with, allowing them to select the name of the student they want to share with. They work on the same list and game. The program then provides alternate turn taking – noted in the top bar, and adds to both scores. (This is different to signing on additional users and switching manually between them by clicking on Switch to.) 

            Updated: 25 Mar 2019 04:22 AM
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