Wordshark 5

            Games options and personal settings

            Games options and personal settings

            Some games offer options (top left of games screens). These can alter the lookand feel of a game. If an option has been changed, the word options appears in red. Forexample, in Sharks – if you find them difficult to catch – you can tick the box for Automatic shark catching.
            Importantly, in some games screens, you can alter speeds, e.g. of swimming sharks or of moving words. This will help with mouse control and will give ‘thinking time’. Use the slider to do this.

            Personal settings:

            Under Settings for (Name) on the top menu bar it is easy for students to set personal choices such as       sprite, icon, password, reward games, font, background colour and on-screen keypad etc. Also, if you do not   like the groan when an error is made, you can reduce or get rid of the sound.

            One of the most popular things to change is your sprite – the ‘you’ (the cursor) in thegames, under Settings for (Name).

            On-screen keypad:
            An on-screen keypad is available under Settings for (Name) and is essential if an interactive whiteboard is being used. The keypad can be moved around on screen.

            Picture choices

            If there is a picture for a word it will be displayed. You can change picture choices under Settings for (name) including choosing to have no pictures. You can also add your own pictures to your own lists.
            Updated: 25 Mar 2019 03:33 AM
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