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            Printable Resources in Wordshark

            Printing-out resources

            Below are 6 options of what can be printed from Wordshark

            Printing Worksheets (Wordsearch or Crossword)

            You can print out worksheets from the crossword and wordsearch games.

            • To print a Wordsearch, from within the Wordsearch game, click on print in the top menu.
            • To print the Crossword, from within the Crossword 1 game, click on print in the top menu.


              Printing word lists and flashcards

              You can also use the program's other printable resources to create your own e.g. flashcard games. You can either choose words from the 10,000+ words in the database or you can choose from the words that you have added yourself. To print out word lists or flashcards:

              • Go to Actions in the top menu
              • Then print current word list
              • You can print large or small flash cards, as single or multiple copies of each list per page (1-8)

              In addition to using the Wordshark program, there are endless learning/reinforcing activities that use flash cards. Children can enjoy and benefit from the hands-on learning experience, while increasing spelling knowledge, improving memory, and developing motor skills in games. The flashcards can be printed onto coloured paper and/or laminated to make them last. Find some examples of inspiring games ideas at: teachmama.com



              Printing-out courses i.e. every word list in a course

              All the words in each course are printable. To print word lists:

              • Make sure that you are signed on as an administrator/Teacher
              • Go to Help/Printable word lists and resources (pdf)
              • Double click on the folder 'Word lists' and open up/print the pages that you need

                 Example: First two pages of 'Everyday Vocabulary' word lists:


                In 'my computer' showing: all word lists, then 'Secondary' word lists:


              Printing-out progress records

              Data collected showing progress can also be printed out for your records. To print student records:

              • Sign on as a Wordshark administrator/Teacher
              • Click on Admin/Add and manage students
              • Select the student, and select View
              • Highlight the sessions you want and click on the print button


              In the example, the student was tested, then after several practice sessions, was tested again on the same list. A printable progress sheet can be used to facilitate this. 


              Printing out the Wordshark Course and National Curriculum Course as a progress chart

              A list of the word lists in each of these courses is printable, with a date and comments box alongside each list for note about a student's progress. To print word lists:

              • Go to Help/Printable word lists and resources (pdf)
              • Open the Resources folder
              • Find, mark and print the pages you need

                   The first of 11 pages                                   The first of 8 pages


              Wordshark certificate of achievement

              To provide extra encouragement and to praise for hard work, you can print certificates to hand to children. (2 certificates on each A4 page)

              • Sign on as a Wordshark administrator/Teacher
              • Go to Help/Printable word lists and resources (pdf)
              • Open the Resources folder
              • Print the PDF 'Certificate for good work'



              Updated: 25 Mar 2019 03:41 AM
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