Wordshark 5

            FOR SCHOOLS - Setting up and managing users


            To add students sign in to Wordshark as an Admin user.  You can then create student profiles by going to Admin / Add and manage students and staff.

            Here you can arrange students into groups/classes, assign work to students, rename/delete existing students, view student records and change passwords.

            Learn more about the following features (pdf format) 

            1. Adding staff and students   (includes bulk import of student names)
            2. Collecting students, creating groups
            3. Automatic sign on
            4. Removing users, editing user groups 
            5. Universal Settings
            6. Signing on and off different users
            7. Redundant students: bulk removing, archiving, retrieving
            8. Moving user files between computers

            Video tutorial

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 02:41 AM
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